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    • The power button is present at the top of the printer’s control panel.
    • Make use of power button to change the printer to the active state.
    • Wait until the text is displayed on the control panel.
    • Navigate to the Setup icon and click on Maintenance.
    • For the Canon Pixma wireless printer setup process, select the Wireless Lan Setup icon under Maintenance.
    • Look for the access point and begin the connection process.
    • Select the Canon Printer option from the list of available devices.
    • Mention the password (At least 8-64 characters).
    • Click on OK after completing the process.
    • A message will be displayed as soon as the printer is connected to the access point.
    • Click on the Next option to install the driver.
    • Wait for the Setup Guide Installation window to pop-up.
    • Now, to start the installation process, connect the printer to the access point.
    • Select the Next option and choose the place of residence option.
    • Modify the driver settings and click on Next.
    • Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions given on the screen.
    • Your driver is installed on the system and the installation progress status is displayed on the screen.
    • Click on Complete to end the installation process.
    • When the process is completed your printer name will be displayed on the list of available devices.
    • After some time, the printer will print a test page to check if the driver is installed correctly.

    Contact our Canon Printer Tech Support experts to get more information about the Canon Pixma wireless printer setup process.


    • To set WPS, you have to satisfy certain conditions. Inspect if physical WPS button is available at access point and whether your network uses Wi-Fi protected access or WPA2 security protocol.
    • After you have checked the above conditions, start the Canon Pixma wireless setup process.
    • Turn on your printer and press the WPS button on the router when required.
    • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the control panel of printer until the ON lamp starts blinking.
    • For Canon Pixma wireless printer setup process, press the back button and then the Wi-Fi button.
    • Make sure that the Wi-Fi lights flash quickly and the ON lamp flash slowly.
    • As soon as lights start blinking, navigate to the access point and press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
    • Now, check if the Wi-Fi blue light on the printer continues to flash while searching for the network. Also, check if the power and Wi-Fi lights flash after printer is connected to the access point.
    • If the lights stop flashing, it signifies that the WPS connection set up is successful. Ensure that the Wi-Fi and the ON lamp are lit after the successful connection setup.
    • You can perform the print, copy, scan and fax operations from your printer after the Canon Pixma wireless printer setup process is over.


    Given below are the steps to connect your printer to the computer by using a Canon Pixma standard connection method:
    • First, tap the Home button on your printer’s control panel.
    • Choose the WLAN Setup icon by using up and down arrow keys.
    • Press the Function Button present on the panel’s left side.
    • After the connection is established, the Wi-Fi lamp will be lit in blue.
    • Now, the Canon printer will start searching for any nearby access points.
    • Press and hold the Stop/Reset button for a few seconds.
    • Select the Standard setup option and click OK.
    • Now, the Canon printer will search for nearby wireless networks.
    • Use arrow keys to select the access points and press OK.
    • In case you are facing difficulty in finding your network, press the Left Function button to start
    • searching network again.
    • Specify your network password in the next screen.
    • You can use the arrow keys to enter the security key.
    • After entering the password successfully press “Done”.
    • You can even edit the password by clicking the OK option.
    • Click on the Left Function button to finish the Canon Pixma wireless printer setup process.


    • Restoring the factory default settings is the common step for troubleshooting most of the steps in your Pixma printer.
    • All the settings you have initially set will be erased and then you will have to set them again.
    • Pixma printer can be reset in two different ways – by using printer’s buttons or from the software.
    • At the beginning, switch on the Canon Pixma printer and then open the wireless Setup menu on the control panel.
    • Search Device Settings option and select it.
    • Click on the OK button.
    • From the Device Settings menu, select the Reset Settings option.
    • The resetting process will begin as soon as you press the OK button.
    • The “Device Settings” is also available in the main menu.
    • If you want to reset using the printer’s buttons, press the Stop and the ON button at the same time for a few seconds.
    • Release both the buttons and press the Stop button five times.
    • The printer settings will now be restored to its factory default settings.

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