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Best Customer Support for Canon Printer Issues

    Canon Printer is a truly well-built gadget. Once it is set up correctly, it will provide you thousands of prints for years. But that doesn’t mean it will work forever. Sometimes it may cause annoying problems for your PC, which thereby harms your work. Here we will be providing the best ways to solve issues if canon printer in error state because of any canon printer error code

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    Numerous reasons can cause errors in the processing of the canon printer. Generally, people face such kind of problems when their device does not recognize their printer. Some of the reasons for Canon Printer Error Codes are:

    • Paper Jam Issue
    • Ink Cartridge Issue
    • Issue in Canon Printer Driver
    • Connection Problem
    • Uninstalling/Reinstalling the Printer
    • Errors Solution


    Given below are some of the causes of canon printer error codes and their solutions.

    Causes Support Error Code Error Code Solution
    Paper not entering the tray 1000 E02 Put the paper in the rear tray and press the OK button.
    Paper got stuck inside the printer 1300 E03 Remove the jammed paper and press the OK button.
    Paper output tray is open 1251 E03 There may be a problem in the front part of the machine. If there is a problem, solve that and press the OK button.
    Ink Cartridge is not installed or not installed in a proper way 1401 E05 If the ink cartridge is not installed in a correct manner, try removing it from the printer and then reinstall it. If the problem still exists, then the problem might be in ink cartridge. Replace the ink cartridge with the new one.
    Printer not detecting ink cartridge properly 1403 E05 This issue can occur due to a dirty printer. Clean the printer completely and reinstall the cartridges to check if this fixes the problem.
    Inappropriate ink cartridge installed 1485 E05 If the cartridge installed is inappropriate then purchase the suitable cartridge and install it into your printer.
    Fine cartridge is installed in the incorrect position. 1486 E07 Check the cartridge code or reinstall the cartridge.
    Multiple ink cartridges of same colour are installed 1487 E07 Ensure that each cartridge is installed in the correct position. Replace the position of ink cartridges if not installed in correct position.
    Printer is not recognizing ink cartridge 1682 E15 Lift the printer’s cover and inspect if the cartridge has been placed at the correct position or not.
    The fine cartridge cannot be recognized 1684 E14 The cartridge which is installed is unsupported. Make sure you install a supported ink cartridge.
    Ink is low in the ink cartridge 1686 E13 Replace the ink cartridge as the printer will get defected if the there is no ink in it. To continue printing reset the printer for a few seconds.
    Ink Cartridge is not installed completely 1687 E04 Retract the output tray extension to remove the cartridge. Re-insert the tray and push it until it fits correctly. Turn off the printer till it gets in proper working condition.
    No ink 1688 E16 Replace the old cartridge with the new one and close the cover of the paper output.
    Ink absorber is almost full. 1700 E08 Resetting the printer for some time will stop the error appearing on it. Another solution is to replace the ink absorber.


    Our Tech Support Experts assist with all types of Canon printer issues and errors. We always support users who are not from the technical background and get stuck between the unknown printer issues.

    Some time user get a pop-up on computer screen that canon printer in error state , it can about canon printer cartridge not found, canon printer ink consumption , canon printer driver error etc. in that phase user should contact us on our canon printer helpline number (817) 442-6687


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